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Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is a very interesting shooting game with a modern gun warehouse, character options, so many levels and mode options for players to explore and conquer. To start a race in Gun Mayhem 2, you have to create a character like what you want and you can name it yourself. Scenes of the races in the game change in each level, but no matter what they are, all of the scene are so amazing.

Players who play Gun Mayhem game usually have to face up with troubles in choose which gun to use, because there are so many for them to choose. They often spend much time consider which is best for them for each stage. Therefore, it is important to visit the “Weapon library”, which you can freely watch, try the guns to see how them will perform in the real races. Therefore , it will become easier for players to make a decision.

gun mayhem 2

Before starting, you should adjust the sound, display mode so that nothing can prevent you from winning the race, because it may become lag during the races. Sound should be just big enough to hear. If it is too loud, it can make you startle when it comes to climax and bother other people.

Playing modes in Gun Mayhem 2

There are 3 playing modes in Gun Mayhem 2: “Campaign”, “Custom game” and “Challenges”. This is it that makes Gun Mayhem 2 different from the former version, Gun Mayhem.

In “Campaign”, there are 16 stages and you can even play in 2 when you play Gun Mayhem game. Your mission is, as usual, to defeat all your opponents. Only by this way that you can unlock the next level. In “Campaign”, mission will become harder when you reach the higher level. The opponents come in large number, moreover, their speed and fire power will also be improved. Therefore, you have to use your proficient shooting skill, drop bombs to shoot them down and don’t forget to eat support items such as gun upgrade box, armor protection, speed up, so that you can defeat your opponent as fast as possible.

In “Custom game”, players can choose maps, characters, number of players as what they want. The maximum number of the number of players in “Custom game” is 4, so you can play it with some of your friends, your family or even the computer. In this mode, each character will be given 10 lives. When the race is over, the last one to survive is the winner.

“Challenges” of Gun Mayhem 2 will help you to relax, because all you have to do in this mode is shooting, it is the shooting practicing mode for you to practice and also to relax. However, it does not lose the attraction of Gun Mayhem 2. Players choose their favorite gun or the gun with outstanding function. Number of lives is unlimited and your targets cannot move, your only mission to shoot at the stand-still and continuously appearing targets. All to do is to find out how to shoot all of the targets as quick as possible and break the record.

Walkthrough of Gun Mayhem 2

  • Player 1: use arrow keys up, down, right, left to move on and jump, and at the same time, press Z key to shoot and X key to drop bombs.
  • Player 2: use WASD keys to move on, press key to shoot and Y key to drop bombs.
  • Player 3: use np/, np7, np8, np9 keys to move on, press np* key to shoot and np- key to drop bombs.
  • Player 4: use np5, np1, np2, np3 keys to move on, press np0 key to shoot and np. key to drop bombs.


Generally, the walkthrough is easy to understand, and of course, the game Gun Mayhem 2 is easy to play, but if you reach the third stage in the 16 stages of “Campaign”, there will be so many difficulties to overcome. That you have to do these things in the same time: shooting, jumping up and down, avoiding coming bullets in limited area, which will make it so hard to control the character. Besides, the simple control and display are them that make the game so attractive, players will feel so excited when play gun mayhem game.
What about try play gun mayhem game? I’m sure that you will not regret.


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